As of February 27, 2017, the museum is permanently closed to the public. The university is digitizing the museum’s holdings for research and can be viewed on our Collections page.

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Harry's Whimsical World of Kitchen Gadget Sculptures

July 27, 2006-2007


Jane Hasson Celehar became an authority on the history of kitchens, gadgets and kitchenware. In 1982, her first comprehensive book for the collector of kitchen memorabilia was published: Kitchens and Gadgets 1920-1950. Florist and sculptor Harry Hasson, Jane’s brother, was intrigued by the vast collection of colorful and unusual kitchen gadgets that sparked the research for Jane’s book.  Desiring to use some of the items in a sculpture, he traveled to Jane’s Ohio home with his large red florist’s truck to pick up and transport thousands of kitchen items back to his home in New Jersey. His figures of “Chef Gadgeteer,” “Martini,” the bartender, and “Saucey,” the waitress, were made by wiring gadgets and utensils onto mannequins, cladding them in “suits of armor.” Harry spent countless hours creating the six pieces in the vignette on display, including ten spent solely working on Saucey’s fork feet.